Adam General Trading LLC

is the sole distributor of Manchester Cigarettes Brands worldwide.
We handle the production, distribution and the selection of local distributors in different countries.

Who We Are

With a group of experienced employees from across the Middle East, Europe & Asia, We believes in the power & importance of maintaining cultural diversity within our quarters.

What We Do

Everyone here at Adam General Trading LLC works towards achieving the same outcome: ensuring the company lives up to its potential and continues to excel in the market.

Our Work

As such, our employees place high value on teamwork, combining their skills and knowledge to advance the company and achieve the highest results.


Adam General Traiding maintains a rigorous work ethic and practices their profession in a most professional manner. The company works to ensure everyone with our immediate business network has access to the most basic necessities, abides by the safest and most hygienic work conditions, and receives the full support of our team and management.

Adam General Trading LLC’s diverse line of products is known for its superior quality and its low prices.

25 years in the industry, shows our excellent service to our client every time. We always find ways to serve better and work towards a healthy atmosphere for our employees and business.