Integrated companies are playing an essential part to deliver comprehensive service to our diverse customers. Each encompasses its own activity.


Montana General TradingLLC is a diversified business house engaged in a wide range of business activities since 1996 in UAE including international trading, sales and distribution of various products. Our mission is to strive for excellence, to seek competitive advantage, to share skills and resources from among our companies for optimum effectiveness, performance and growth.  

Most importantly we are acknowledged by our principals, competitors and customers as being ”the best”. Our customers view our attitude to be positive, challenging and open. We attract and recruit good people, train and motivate them to grow with us, as we firmly believe that we can only achieve our goals and accomplish our mission through professional and dedicated people. ”WE CAN DO” is our belief and a key factor to our success.


Established in Dubai, UAE on 2014,Prime Locations Real Estate Brokers LLCis mainly for Real Estate Industry. It is dealing with Investments in Towers, Residential and Commercial Projects and Industrial cities.


Our brand is focused on quality above all. We are constantly evolving to make sure that we are continually meeting the desires of our consumers.

Led by a smoking aficionado with over 25 years of hard-earned experience in the tobacco business, the team behind Manchester have built the brand from the ground up with diligence and perseverance. Overcoming obstacles and countless struggles along the way, they set out to develop a brand that was characterized by the highest quality and designed for the modern tobacco lovers.


After firmly establishing Manchester as a cigarette brand for today’s consumers, the team continued to evolve and reinvent their products to appeal to new generations of smokers. Manchester’s original big three, the King Size Red, Blue and Silver variations, soon grew into a wider range that continued to expand and evolve with time following the consumers’ whims.


We believe even the most ancient traditions can be redefined through our passion for innovation and the pursuit of perfection.

By blending our love of quality with timeless style we can elevate every moment of your shisha experience, from ordinary to luxurious.


Mojarrad Trading Co. LLC was established on 2000 in Dubai, UAE. Offering a huge array of products that covers the whole spectrum of common operational and highly specialized services.

Managed by skilled and well experienced staffs mainly to provide back-up services to its sister companies’ activities and to support in sourcing out agencies or network necessary for their activities.